Will 32nd Street revitalize into Urban Core?

32 sign 2

New signs mark 32nd Street renewal

As our community expands, moving forward with projects like View 32 and 31 Cheryl  it’s important to keep perspective of valley-wide revitalization efforts.


What is Urban Core?
Urban Core are high density areas of employment, shops and residents. The best example of Urban Core in the valley is downtown Tempe.  Downtown Phoenix is also moving in the Urban Core direction.  One a little closer to 32nd street community is the Scottsdale Kierland/ Quarter area.  The Kierland Commons feature mid-rise homes on top of street level shops and restaurants. Urban Cores are quickly becoming the trend for infill developments, building up not out.

Why Urban Core?
They are a magnet for millennials who want to live close to work and play.  Even millennials who don’t live in Urban Core areas like to work in Urban Core areas for the walk-ability of the area near work.  Millennials aren’t the only ones trending to Urban Core.  More and more baby-boomers don’t want to drive, they want a walk-able community.  Empty-nesters looking to downsize but still be close to attractions are turning to Urban core top provide walk-able amenities.

How does it work?
In order to work an Urban Core needs to rise in an area with good demographic and socio-economic base, high transportation accessibility, and existing space for high-density residential development. The more people the more successful an Urban Core community is.

Urban Cores aren’t for everyone-
Urban Cores are a lifestyle choice. Not everyone wants to give up the space of the suburbs to move into a condo, but the trend for Urban Core is rising across the valley.

How does this relate to our own 32nd Street renascence?
Just like Urban Core most neighbors want walk-ability and bike-ability.  They don’t want to drive to restaurants and businesses, they want easy access to commerce.  32nd street will not turn into an Urban Core environment but a similar community closeness can be created when we support local business, develop meaningful projects and work together as neighbors.