New Business coming soon- Black Rock Bouldering Gym


Coming soon to 10436 North 32nd Street (the former home of the Ozzie Ice rink) is Black Rock Bouldering Gym.  No official opening date yet but the coming soon sign is up. Black Rock Bouldering Gym (BRBG) is like  a normal rock climbing gym, but without the ropes and harnesses.   But don’t worry there’s 2 full feet of dual-density padding to catch you so don’t worry about falling.

There are also traditional gym fares such as free weights and resistance machines, fitness area to improve flexibility, upper strength and cardio and yoga and Pilates.  Most importantly there will be focus on clean lines, clean bathrooms, and clean fitness.

So get ready 32nd street community, a new gym and a new place to meet up with the neighbors is just around the corner.