Street Toppers: Art ideas needed for Mountain Preserve sign toppers!

Congratulations to Mountain Estates Block Watch and Paradise Gardens Block Watch on their new sign toppers. Mountain Preserve Block Watch has been approved for a grant from the City of Phoenix to acquire street toppers as well.

Thank you to all of neighbors that sent in their ideas in words.  What I am really looking for is more specific ideas including a drawing or clip art of your idea.  When providing the art, please also give your thoughts on the color of the sign.  I received an overwhelming vote to make the sign a color in lieu of white so it stands out and is differentiated from the actual street signs.

These two pieces were done by an artist in our neighborhood, Marsha Lazar:

Click to Read Article about Marsha LAZAR Klinger

Here are some samples of clip art I found online…  Imagine you are driving along 32nd Street, how far away do you have to be before you realize what the art is on the sign. 

Once we have gathered some solid ideas, then we can send them for a vote.