Phoenix artist brings Arizona wonders to life in her studio

I meet so many interesting people in my travels around Arizona that I’ve come to expect it. But I never would’ve expected to meet an award-winning artist at the trailhead in my own neighborhood.

As I was wrapping up a wonderful 6-mile hike in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, I exchanged pleasantries with Marsha LAZAR Klinger who was finishing her hike at the same time. We agreed on what perfect weather we were having and how beautiful it was that day. She mentioned she had sketched a few images while on her hike and I asked to see them.

I often find it challenging to capture with a camera the real beauty of the sights I see out on the trail, so I was amazed at what she had been able to portray with a pencil and a small pad. We chatted for a few blocks as we walked toward our homes. That’s when I found out that Marsha is quite an accomplished artist.

Below are some of Marsha’s creations. She paints in her home studio and displays her work on Instragram @marsha.lazar and at galleries in the greater Phoenix/Scottsdale area.

Artwork by Marsha LAZAR Klinger:

"Sunrise over Four Peaks" oil on canvas
Sunrise over Four Peaks oil on canvas. Painted in the parking lot of Scottsdale Community College. SOLD
painting of Red Yuccas
"Old Bones II" painting represents the "Boulders" area in Cave Creek, AZ.
"Screamin' Scarlett" a watercolor of a Prickly Pear in bloom.
"Sunset Duo" oil on canvas
"Colorful Cacti" Color Pencil

Just a few weeks prior to my meeting Marsha, her piece Blue War Horse had been awarded top prize by the Scottsdale Artists League. It was inspired by one of the wild horses she observed near Arizona’s Salt River.

I found out that Marsha’s recent affinity for horses began long before moving to Phoenix. She was an avid fox hunter when she lived near Cincinnati and belonged to two hunt clubs.

Horse artwork by Marsha Lazar Klinger

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"Blue War Horse" color pencil
Marsha’s Blue War Horse, created with color pencil, earned a blue ribbon (first place) from the Scottsdale Artists League.
"War Horse" color pencil
War Horse created with color pencil
"Red Eye" color pencil
Red Eye created with color pencil

Here’s how Marsha described her love for horses:

One must have a trusty horse out in the field because the dangers are everywhere if you and your horse don’t take care of each other. You and your horse must be fit and daring because you gallop over uneven ground and climb hills and must be able to jump over anything that hinders your progress to follow the field.

There are times when you and your horse are being quiet and enjoying the woods or fields. Being so close to nature on the back of your best friend is spiritually moving at times. You feel so close to God, Earth and Nature. My mind’s eye have many times out in the field when the beauty was overwhelming. My hunter (horse) grew old and spent his golden years out to pasture and lived a rich full life. I also grew older and was fighting a health issue which brought me to the “First Heaven”, Arizona. My illness is cured thanks to Mayo Clinic.

Nothing is dearer to a horseman than to see horses running free and taking a drink or two at the banks of the Salt River. So I basically joined the horses with the Indians who lived here before by painting Indian War Horses and Buffalo Horses. The symbols painted on the War Horse represents different things such as strength, aiding their speed, or senses and the many battles and wounds inflected during their battles.

Marsha LAZAR Klinger with her color pencil art "Blue War Horse"
Marsha LAZAR Klinger with “Blue War Horse” awarded 1st place by the Scottsdale Artists League

About Marsha LAZAR Klinger:

  • Multi-faceted artist who enjoys working with oils, watercolor and pencil
  • Studied Studio Arts at Kent State University and has studied under artists as Daniel Greene, Carl Samson and Shamah Lee Prince
  • She has won many awards and has her art in both private and public collections.
  • Was a member of the Cincinnati Women’s Art Club and is currently a member of Scottsdale Artists League
  • Has resided in the Scottsdale/ Phoenix area for 10 years

Although Marsha no longer rides horses regularly, you can find her hiking in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve and sitting on rocks sketching the landscape or cacti.

“Phoenix artist brings Arizona wonders to life in her studio” AZ Wonders, February 25th, 2018.