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Starting July 7, the Phoenix Public Works Department will be launching two waste diversion programs for Phoenix residents: “Save As You Reduce and Recycle” (SAY R&R) and the “Green Organics Curbside Collection” program.

SAY R&R offers a medium trash container to customers to encourage more recycling, for a savings of $3 a month on their solid waste fees. The Green Organics program is well-suited for customers with extensive lawn/yard maintenance each week, and offers a large tan container for green organics waste for $5/month per container. Both programs are voluntary. Sign ups begin July 7.

If you’d like more information about the programs, the Public Works Department would be more than happy to give a presentation about the Reimagine Phoenix initiative and the new solid waste programs on your next neighborhood or community meeting.  They will bring the PowerPoint presentation and the “accessories” that go with it. Please email to schedule a speaker to attend your meeting to answer questions.