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Home Burglary Prevention Tips from your Phoenix Police Officers

Let’s talk Burglary Prevention
It happens…you leave for the day only to return and find someone has been inside or on your property without your permission. You call the police and a report is completed. What do you do now? Is there something I could have done that would have prevented this??
Let’s answer these questions and get to work…
First, there is a lot you can do to prevent this from happening again. Second, with knowledge you can implement simple safeguards that will Detect, Deter and Delay a burglar.
Let’s get started…

Patrol your neighborhood – be the eyes and ears of the police department
o Report suspicious activity – you know what is ‘normal’ for your neighborhood
o Crime Stop 602-262-6151 (non-emergency) or 911 (EMERGENCY)
Landscaping –
o Get rid of hiding places by trimming trees up and shrubs down to below window level
o You can also plant thorny plants near fences or areas difficult to secure.
Lighting – bad guys don’t want to be seen
o Inside lighting gives the appearance someone is home
o Timers are a good investment
o Use outside light throughout the night
o Use steady lights at front and rear entrances and address
o Photocell attachments allow dusk to dawn lighting
o Motion sensors set close to the house can also be a benefit
Locks –
o Doors – should be solid core with 180 degree peephole with 180 degree peephole
o Sliding doors/windows – use anti-slide bolt, anti-slide pin and anti-lift device
Garage doors –
o Keep closed when not in use
o Watch doors close as you leave
o Lock door from garage to house
o Unplug opener or lock from inside when on vacation
Gates –
o Repair or replace weak/broken gates
o Use strong hasps and padlocks – KEEP LOCKED
These are just a few suggestions to empower our community members and keep the bad guys away…

New program from Phoenix Public Works

Phoenix | Public Works| Piestewa Park| Organic

Public Works DepartmentCity of Phoenix CITY
Starting July 7, the Phoenix Public Works Department will be launching two waste diversion programs for Phoenix residents: “Save As You Reduce and Recycle” (SAY R&R) and the “Green Organics Curbside Collection” program.

SAY R&R offers a medium trash container to customers to encourage more recycling, for a savings of $3 a month on their solid waste fees. The Green Organics program is well-suited for customers with extensive lawn/yard maintenance each week, and offers a large tan container for green organics waste for $5/month per container. Both programs are voluntary. Sign ups begin July 7.

If you’d like more information about the programs, the Public Works Department would be more than happy to give a presentation about the Reimagine Phoenix initiative and the new solid waste programs on your next neighborhood or community meeting.  They will bring the PowerPoint presentation and the “accessories” that go with it. Please email reimaginephoenix@phoenix.gov to schedule a speaker to attend your meeting to answer questions.

New Store to 32nd St Neighborhood Georgie Designs

Georgie Designs is a handcrafted artisan jewelry store that opened March 15th at 10880 N 32nd Street Suite 27.

Georgie Designs creates wearable art using bold colors, simple styles and clean lines.  They offer personalized jewelry that can be customized with initials and dates to make it unique to you. 

design 2 design 3 design 4 design 5

Hours are limited but they also take appointments.

They also offer open studio during peak times to create customized jewelry.

Monday 9-5    Tuesday – Friday 8:30-2.

Stop by and support your local business.

For more information visit their website at georgiedesigns.com



Hiking Group for Piestewa Phoenix Mountain

There is a small hiking group that meets at the Phoenix Mountain Preserve for various hikes.

Monday mornings for Intermediate hikes,

Tuesday evenings Beginner and Intermediate hikes,

Wednesday nights Fitness Hike that is Intermediate to Slightly Difficult

For more information on how to join the hikes email MyAZRealtyTeam@Gmail.com

hiking map

32 Renewed Community Meeting

The North 32nd St. Corridor Plan Meeting for PHASE ONE took place on Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014 5:30pm at Shea Middle School Cafeteria, 2728 E. Shea Blvd.

The North 32nd Street Corridor is a citizen driven effort to improve the conditions along 32nd Street.  The Corridor is approximately eight miles and runs from State Route 51 to the Loop 101 Freeway

There were over 60 people from the community who attended.  Vice Mayor Bill Gates spoke as well as Deputy Director Ray Dovalina, and Craig Mavis from the Paradise Valley Village Planning Committee.

The meeting recapped the several urban planning studies that had taken place.  The coalition, the 32nd Street Working Group, started meeting in the spring of 2012 and formed three subcommittees to focus on specific issues.  In addition, reports related to the North 32nd Street Corridor were provided by Arizona State University and the Urban Land Institute. 

The results:

There is approx $2 million dollars being invested in the  corridor.  The main focus right now is a “road diet” to remove unnecessary lanes to accommodate bike lanes and medians.

They are also going to upgrade the road and provide funding for art to decorate the streets.

There was talk about bringing in condos to increase some street traffic to drive more business in the corridor.

The activity we worked on was was looking at the map of the corridor and coloring in areas we felt could be revamped, areas to stay the same and areas to be completely redone.

The maps will be taken into consideration when the final stage is presented to the city council.

Here are the results from Phase One mapping.

Any questions or comments  Vice Mayor Bill Gates can be reached at Bill.Gates@Phoenix.gov

meeting 2 meeting


The next planning meeting was scheduled for phase 2

Monday, March 24th 5:30PM
Phase 2 Community meeting (32nd Street between Sweetwater Avenue and Paradise Lane) at The Rock at 32nd Street (13625 North 32nd Street). Project overview (history, ULI/ASU/Subcommittee report) and group mapping exercise to determine areas of stability, retrofit and change.

Here were the results from Phase 2’s mapping exercise.