Final note from Councilman Gates

Final note from Councilman Gates


As Phoenix Councilman Bill Gates parted from our District 3 neighborhood to run for Maricopa County Board of Supervisors on May 31 he left behind a lasting impact of renewal in our community of North 32nd Street.



“The revitalization project of North 32nd street in District 3 has been one of my priorities as a councilman and I’m proud of the success and continued community involvement we’ve had along the North 32nd Street Corridor”- writes Councilman Gates in an OP Ed piece in the Arizona Republic June 2, 2016.

In the article Councilman Gates speaks of the visible changes that have already taken place along 32nd Street such as the community signage, road diet, and influx of business including Original Breakfast House, Karsten’s Ace Hardware, and Home Fur Good.  And as North 32nd Street continues to thrive we look forward to new businesses and housing projects.

“This revitalization effort has been a wonderful opportunity to reach new residents who now feel they can share input, complaints, concerns, and recommendations with the city.  With the level of community involvement along the North 32nd Corridor, we will enjoy continued reinvestment in the area.  We’ll know we’ve really made it when Fox Restaurant Concepts, Upward Projects, or LGO Hospitality opens a restaurant along North 32nd.”

Thank you, Councilman Gates.
It was a great honor to work with you to support our North 32nd Street Neighborhood.


Councilman Bill Gates honors Phoenix service volunteers: Allison Buffum, Marcia Veldmark, and (me) Lousia Ward.