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32 Renewed Neighborhood Meeting


North 32nd logoPlease join your neighbors and community to discuss changes and opportunities that are happening in our neighborhood. Light refreshments will be served. Seating is limited, if you can please bring a chair.

Date: Thursday February 11th, 2016

Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm

Location: Heritage Heights Clubhouse #4

Keynote Speakers:

Introduction of community block watch leaders- Mountain Preserve, Mountain Estates, Paradise Gardens, and Heritage Heights

Scott Covey, Phoenix Parks and Recreation
Did you know that there are substantial changes proposed to the Phoenix Mountain Preserve that may effect our neighborhood?

Kristy Henry, Opposition to Marijuana Dispensary
Medical Marijuana Dispensary appeal update

Bryan, VIP Airsoft
Opening in Spring in the former bowling Alley, Bryan will be introducing the business to the community.

Phoenix City Councilmen Bill Gates will be speaking at 7:00pm
Councilman Gates will be discussing the goals for our community for 2016. Discuss new businesses on the horizon for the area and what we can do about sign blight.


RE/MAX Excalibur and People’s Mortgage

Please support our neighborhood and be aware of the changes.

RSVP requested but not required
Louisa Ward






Block Watch- Reporting Suspicious Behavior

Debra Wehr of the Phoenix Police Department offers some good advice for reporting suspicious or criminal activity:
First and Easiest, If a crime is in progress call 911 IMMEDIATELY. Give the dispatcher detailed information as to what you are seeing. Be a good witness and give gender, race, a physical desription and clothing of the people involved. If a vehicle is involved give make, model, color and the license plate if possible. Do not place yourself in harms way to get this information. Do the best you can from a safe location and distance. If you are comfortable with your position and can snap a photo of the people or vehicle that may also assist in the investigation.

Second, when you see something that doesn’t look quite right, out of the ordinary, or a bit ‘off’ call Crime Stop 602-262-6151. Please don’t call your friends, neighbors, Block Watch Captains or post first. You will have plenty of time to do these things after you notify the police. In addition, the sooner the police are notified the sooner they can respond.

Third, don’t second guess yourself. If it doesn’t look right it probably isn’t. Who knows the neighborhood better than the people living there?? It is not going to hurt to call. (Yes, there are other calls and yes we are busy, but you and your community are important too). The dispatcher will prioritize the call accordingly. Just call!!

So, there you have it…very simple. CALL THE POLICE FIRST!

Block Watch Information

Mountain Preserve blockwatch

Mountain Preserve

Contact Louisa Ward:

Boundaries are North: Mountain View Road South: Eva/ Dunlap West: 32nd Street East: 36th Street

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Mountain Estates mapMountain Estates

Contact Howard Norman:

North: Shea Blvd. South: Mountain View Rd. West: 33rd Place (Squaw Peak Parkway) East:both sides of north 36th Street

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paradise gardens blockwatchParadise Gardens

Contact Bruce Cutting:

North: Gold Dust Avenue (south side of street) South: Mountain View Road West: 33rd Street East: 36th Street

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Burglary Prevention Brochure

Online Reporting Brochure

Operation Identification- Burglary Prevention Tool

Vacation Security Brochure

Block Watch Sign

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Mountain Preserve Block Watch Meetings

The next Mountain Preserve Block watch Meeting(s) will be Wednesday April 22nd from 6:30-7:00 at 9451 N 33rd Way, Phoenix, AZ 85028.

basin park 2or attend the one Sunday April 26th from 4:00-4:30 pm at Mercury Mine Basin Park.

If you can’t make it call Louisa at 602-769-6699 or email at to be sent email updates about neighborhood safety.