Desert Horizon Precinct

We met the new Commander Issitt who grew up in this neighborhood and went to Shadow Mountain.  He and Officer Matt Morgan COA (Community Actions Officer) discussed:

All Community Action Officers have to reapply for their positions.  Our precinct will be reduced from 7 CAOs to 3 because of the shortage of officers.

Our CAOs Matt Morgan and Mario Lozoya are amazing and highly skilled. Great CAOs make things happen and CAOs Morgan and Lozoya have definitely improved the quality of life in our area since they were assigned to us.

Show your support! Send an email to Commander Issitt and copy CAO Morgan and CAO Lozoya, so they can include it with their portfolio. Your support would be most appreciated.

Brian Issitt, Desert Horizon Commander:

CAO Morgan:

CAO Lozoya:

Below is email from Officer Scott with a link to the homeless information he promised at meeting.