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The start to a great day might begin at a friendly, locally-focused cafe with great coffee and breakfast.  That same great day might also end with dinner and a cocktail at a local restaurant that is at once cozy and trendy.  In North Phoenix, that day can begin and end at 32 Shea.

A hip espresso bar by day, a trendy dinner hangout by night, 32 Shea seems perfectly at home in North Phoenix that is at once vibrant and relaxing.

This dichotomy is also echoed in the history of the building.  From the 32 Shea website:

In the 80’s this pre-fab building originally served as a drive-thru photo mart…remember the days of taking a photograph and having to wait days before you know how it turned out?

In the early 90’s, the photo lab was retrofitted into its first cafe / coffee house and neighborhood hangout.

In January 2011, the location was transformed once again, but this time into an urban cafe with a flex concept. This new concept allows the atmosphere to completely transform from day to night. The days feel like a hip indie espresso bar / cafe, serving espresso, breakfast + lunch + light cocktails. The flow is fast-paced as patrons order at the counter, in the drive-thru or call in pick-up orders. Then after 4pm something magical happens, the cafe turns into a trendy lounge / restaurant. The atmosphere is dark and cozy, lit with candles, table service begins and cocktails + dinner are served.

It has been stated by many patrons that they feel like they are in two completely different establishments. Perhaps that’s why many of them join us twice a day, multiple times a week.

Check it out and bring your well-behaved, fun loving dogs as well! Don’t miss out on their nutella coffee drink. A great way to start your morning!  

For more info visit 32shea.com or call  602.867.7432.

32 Shea

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