Virtual Community Budget Hearings

The city will be hosting virtual community Budget Hearings to gather valuable public input. It is an opportunity for the public to let the Council know what is important to them and where funding should be allocated. The dates were just announced, so I wanted to make sure to provide advance notice.

The City Manager will present his Trial Budget to the Council on March 16, and that will be followed by the public input process to further shape the budget. 

We are in District 3.  Our Hearing date/time is:  April 8 @ 8:30 a.m

You’ll see on the graphic that the meetings indicate a meeting type (council district, youth, seniors, Spanish, etc.), but each of the meetings is open to any member of the public and will have an interpreter available. 

I’ll be sending more information in the next couple of weeks. The registration and links will be available March 29 at

Feel free to share this information with anyone that might find it helpful!