Phoenix Improv troupe performs on Fridays

If you are looking for some clean family fun, the local Improv troupe Chaos Comedy performs every Friday night at 7:30 at the Dearing Acting Studio on the North West corner of 32nd st and Shea behind the Federico’s Mexican restaurant. The shows runs about an hour and is family friendly.

Tickets are $12 at the door or $10 in advance from the website.

Here are 5 reasons to see an Improv Show:

1) It’s better than anything on TV. (Except for maybe ”Dancing With The Stars“. Celebs expressing themselves through the art of dance? That’s straight up inspiring.)

2) After the show, you can hang with the improv players. And touch them. And smell their hair when they aren’t looking?

3) We ask YOU for suggestions. Meaning, you get to watch scenes that you helped create. You genius, you.

4) You are supporting the Phoenix arts community. This means you get to feel smug and superior.

5) You MIGHT be watching the next (undiscovered) Tina Fey. The Improv stage is where lots of stars get their start.

So think about it…An Improv show is the most logical Saturday night destination.

And wondering what Dearing Acting Studio is all about?

Dearing Acting Studio offers classes for performers of all ages and levels of experience. The facility offers a 55 seat theater and s full green screen /production room, multiple classrooms and more. Topics of study include improv, commercial study. agency preparation, sketch comedy, monologue, dramatic acting and scene study.

They offer 4 week or 8 week session as well as summer and winter camps for kids.

Owners Leeann and Matthew Dearing are actors and teachers themselves. Leeann Dearing starred in a 2009 GO Daddy Super Bowl commercial co starring Danica Patrick. Matt Dearing has been teaching acting for over 10 years.

Mathew says “Acting is an art form and can be learned! It takes courage, patience,  and, hard work”

So check out the improv troupe and maybe think about starting your own acting career.

For more information:

Dearing Acting Studio

10806 N 32nd St,

Phoenix, AZ 85028