New Indoor Amusement Park for Kids!

                Hello, Neighbors!
               There is a new business opening in the neighborhood at 32nd Street & Cactus!
               Party Jungle, an indoor amusement park, has opened!
               How exciting! It is a new and improved indoor amusement park for kids!
               You may remember it as the old Jambo Indoor Amusement Park. It has recently been remodeled,
               renovated, in the caring hands of new management!
               Say hello to Melissa (or her Mom & Dad), as it is a family-owned business, dedicated to provide a
               clean, safe, and fun environment for our children to play!
               Visit their official website for more information, and make sure to “like” their Facebook page !
                                                    Party Jungle | 12046 N 32nd Street Phoenix, AZ 85028 | (602) 923-9444
Thank you,
Louisa Ward
Mountain Preserve Blockwatch Leader
RE/MAX Neighborhood Specialist