Mowing Down Pollution

In an effort to improve air quality and reduce air pollution produced by gasoline powered lawn mowers, the Maricopa County Air Quality Department is introducing ‘Mowing Down Pollution,’ a lawn mower replacement program. Trade in your gasoline powered lawn mower and receive a $150 voucher towards the purchase of a new zero-emission electric or battery powered lawn mower at participating Home Depot locations. Maricopa County residents who own a working gasoline powered lawn mower are eligible to participate. This program gives you the power to aid in pollution reduction efforts. Electric and battery powered lawn mowers are quieter and cleaner and eliminate the hassle of obtaining and using gasoline. By replacing 2,500 gasoline lawn mowers, 21 tons of ground level ozone causing pollution could be avoided. Make the switch and sign up today »



Clean Air Make More, Maricopa County “MCAQD Launches Lawn Mower Replacement Program, ‘Mowing Down Pollution'”, June 6, 2018.