If you see this vehicle, please call 911 and report it to the police.  
Do not attempt to speak or make any contact with this person.
  Re:  2021-14  OFFENSE: Threatening or Intimidating 
Date:  March 6, 2021
LOCATION: 4427 East Turquoise.    
SOURCE:  NextDoor, neighbors, block watch captains. 
MO: Verbal threats together with 9 page manifesto type letter from unidentified person.  Police were called, came and took the manifesto.  

Az Vehicle license:  BRD 0042  
VEHICLE DESCRIPTION:  Old White/Beige Toyota Tacoma pick up truck with a message on the truck that reads  “one day soon I’m going to kill you American woman.”

This is similar to the manifesto type letter that was left with this home owner and distributed to other neighbors.

Incident report #2021-358394