Future light Rail Map and Movephx Campaign

I recently received this information from a representative of the MovePhx campaign which is in support of proposition 104. I am sending this out to the community as information. This is not an endorsement for prop 104.
According to the movephx.org group, “The population of Phoenix is projected to double in the next 30 years. That’s the same as moving the entire population of Denver into our city.” That is quite the expansion. Following the general rule of thumb, larger population, more traffic and transportation issues. Proposition 104 plans to combat the continuous growth in our city by expanding the light rail and bus routes. By the view of the the projected light rail expansion depicted in purple the light rail will follow Cactus Road until Paradise Valley Mall. The map indicates how everything will be connected and can display the benefits from this expansion. Showing the newly connected paths available also helps our students attending Arizona State University and Grand Canyon University.
I particularly found the map interesting with the proposed future light rail expansions. The closest that it will get to our neighborhood is from Cave Creek Road and Cactus Road eastbound to Paradise Valley Mall.
Click Here to find out more from MovePHX!
If you have any questions about the proposal or the attached information, please contact: Brian Irvine.