Mountain Preserve BlockWatch

Mountain Preserve Block Watch

Do YOU Recognize This Man?

Does anyone recognize this man?  
Originally posted in Nextdoor on 1.20.2021

Did anyone near 36th St. and Mountain View have work done on your home today by this man? I would like to know what company he works for if you do. Most likely he was at the wrong address at our home today, but he actually went in our back yard, and did some other things that were out of the norm. Please share if you recognize him. He was driving a small utility van with a ladder on top. This happened about 11:15am on January 20th.
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Urgent Alert – Possible Criminal

Urgent Alert! Guy trying to come into our house this AM
Originally posted 1.03.2021 on Nextdoor
Cross Streets: 36th & Mountain View

This morning a guy with a hooded sweater and mask, walked right up to our front door and tried to walk into our house – no knock or doorbell ring.
My husband went to the front door and he said he thought it was 110th street which was ridiculous. And then he hurried on his way.
Our dogs were going crazy. Watch out everyone.

Person 1 Hair: Beanie Hat
Top: Dark Blue Zip Hoodie
Bottom: Dark Jeans
Shoes: Black Shoes
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Your tree can keep giving after Christmas!Did you know that your live tree can continue giving after Christmas? Phoenix residents may drop off live Christmas trees anytime between December 26th and January 9th, 2021. Trees will continue giving by going to the city’s composting facility to be made into nutrient-rich compost.

For more information and drop-off locations, click the button below!
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HANDS OFF!It is illegal in Arizona to talk or text on a cellphone while driving unless the device is in a hands-free mode.This law prohibits drivers from using a cellphone or a stand-alone electronic device while driving unless it is being used in a hands-free mode. This includes, but is not limited to, cell phones, tablets, music and gaming devices. A “stand-alone electronic device” is a portable device other than a portable wireless communication device that stores audio or video data files to be retrieved on demand by a user. It will be against the law, while driving, to: Hold or support a device with your body.This includes, but is not limited to, in your hands and perched on your shoulder.Read, write or send a message via any portable wireless communication device.Scroll through social media, watch videos, record videos, or any other use of the device that causes a distraction and requires use of your body.
You will be allowed to: To engage and disengage a function on the device such as GPS route start and answering or ending a call.Talk on the portable wireless communication device with an earpiece, headphone device, or device worn on the wrist to conduct a voice-based communication.Use a device for navigation of the vehicle.Use a device in an emergency situation to summon help or report a crime. 
A person who violates this law is subject to the following civil penalty:First violation: $75 – $149 fineSecond or subsequent violation: $150 – $250 fineThere are exceptions to the law, including emergency responders, people in an emergency situation or alerting first responders to an emergency situation or crime. Additionally, the law does not apply to radios, citizen band radio, citizens band radio hybrid, commercial two-way radios, subscription-based emergency communication devices, prescribed medical devices, amateur or ham radio devices, or in-vehicle security, navigation or remote diagnostics systems.DO YOU HAVE AN IPHONE?Read about how to enable Do Not Disturb While Driving(link is external) so you aren’t tempted by notifications.  
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Community Update + NEW: PHX Check-In

Traveling this Holiday season?   
Here is a link to COVID updates at Sky Harbor airport:

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has launched an online monthly e-newsletter called PHX Check-In. This publication gives readers an overview of what’s happening at America’s Friendliest Airport®, including providing information on travel tips, parking discounts, construction updates, and more.
The most current issue is available at:
To subscribe, sign-up at this link:
If you have any questions regarding this newsletter, please contact Heather Shelbrack, Public Information Manager, at
A long time community member was involved in this car accident:23-year-old Phoenix man accused of murder following horrific crash that killed 2 women on December 1st, near the intersection of Cactus Road and 32nd Street
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Silent Witness Offering Cash Reward To Help Catch Porch Pirates
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Barking dog in your neighborhood? 
Here’s what you can do about it:In Phoenix, it is a Class 1 Misdemeanor for any person to keep a dog that is in the habit of barking or howling, or disturbs the peace and quiet of another person (Phoenix Barking Dog Ordinance). If you have been informed your dog is disturbing another person’s peace, you need to take action.  
 Information for the Dog Owner,you%20need%20to%20take%20action.
 Filing a Complaint
Moving, or need junk hauled? SUPPORT LOCAL!

Call  Paradog Junk Hauling & Disposal LLC, Owned and Operated by one of our own N 32nd community neighbors!

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APS Scam + Robbery

Robbery near 32nd Street & MalapaiNovember 27th, 2020

We were burglarized. Please be aware that tonight at 3:30 am we were burglarized. We were sleeping at the time and robbers entered through our back gate and stole expensive items in our kitchen area of our house. Our back door was unlocked and so was our gate. which was a mistake, we will not make again. We wanted to inform our neighbors so they don’t have to deal with the same loss of personal possessions they were are currently having to endure. Stay safe – your neighbor.  
APS Phone ScamOriginally Posted on Nextdoor
November 25th, 2020

Hi Neighbors! We just received a call from ‘APS’ 90 minutes ago saying that their bank server had changed (!) and that our auto-pay payments had been going to the wrong account. They need us to make a payment immediately as they were going to disconnect service in 30 minutes.

They then gave us a number to call (877 296 9893) to make that payment/give CC info. The guy at the other end, asked for my APS account number or registered phone number on the account. I so happened to have my APS bill in front of me so I gave him my APS account number. This upset him very much and he kept asking for my registered phone number on the account. Sounded so suspicious. Thankfully I had the presence of mind to get on Live Chat with an APS agent through their site while this was happening and she confirmed that the number above was not an APS number and a scammer. Please be aware — as families have large, expensive Thanksgiving dinners in their freezer/fridges and would give out CC info at this time of year in a heartbeat.

The first call we received was from the legit APS number (602 371 7171) – it’s called ‘number spoofing’ where you use a proxy number masked by an authentic number.

The other two numbers used in the scam were 929 381 6458 and 877 296 9893. Please be cautious and Happy Thanksgiving! I have reported this information to the police.
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March Block Watch Meeting Recap

Heritage Heights Block Watch update.  They have new signs in their community.
Paradise Gardens, Heritage Heights, Mountain Preserve, Mountain Estates – all block watch groups have applied for grant money to support the 2019 Community party at Mercury Mine Park. We are looking for volunteers to help plan the party and or to help on the day of the event.

Mountain Estates and Paradise Gardens will be working on small gatherings within their own Block Watch areas to promote and strengthen sense of community.

Debra Stark Councilman community update:
TapHouse Kitchen is open!
Craft beer /New Mexico style and smoked meats restaurant opened at 3128 E Cactus.  It is owned by the original owner of 32 Shea.  Here is their website and an article about them in the AZ Republic.
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Lovecraft Phoenix Website
Zipps is still working on getting their permits to open in the plaza on the NW corner of 32nd St & Shea where Leslie Pools used to be. 

Second Look Consignment located on the NW corner of 32nd St and Shea  has decided to close its doors after 39 years of business.

No news of anything new going into the large vacant Walgreens location on the NE corner of Shea and 32nd st.

Paradise Valley Mall has been waiting to redesign the mall until Sears lease was up.  That has now occurred and Sears is closed.  The mall will be redesigned to be more of an outdoor mall like Desert Ridge.  The anchor stores, Macy’s, Dillards, JC Penny’s and Costco will remain.

Update from Bob Yantzer, resident of Paradise Gardens, regarding 32nd St & Shea beautifical and safety collaboration.
Ariel photograph attached from prior to highway 51 coming north.  There were decorative medians along 32nd St and in every direction at the intersection of Shea and 32nd St.
Bob, along with other community members, a push to get those decorative medians back.  This will enhance the look and feel of our area plus medians can control pedestrian and vehicular traffic as around that intersection is getting very busy and dangerous.
A petition was was available at the meeting for neighbors to sign showing their support.  If you would like to sign the petition, let me know and I can get it to you.
Update from Bruce Cutting, Block Watch Leader of Paradise Gardens, regarding the vacant lot next to the new Young Minds School at 32nd St & Mountain View.
The lot is currently owned by Young Minds Center but is under the CC&R’s of Paradise Gardens Subdivision.  It is zoned as residential.  In order for anything to be done with the land other than build homes, the land has to be removed from the subdivision of Paradise Gardens and therefore will not be under the CC&R’s.  That is possible, but the Paradise Gardens residents have asked for a preliminary plan of where the buildings may be; an idea of the buildings set back from 33rd St. and the height of proposed buildings.  
Once this is completed, the school has plans to add buildings but that may be years down the road.  In the meantime, there is talk of it becoming a Community Garden.

Update from Bill Wiley from City of Phoenix Streets Dept. regarding Street Transportation Dept.
The Phoenix City Council took action at its formal meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2018, to accelerate the city’s pavement maintenance program, unanimously approving the first steps to implement a plan that advances $200 million in pavement maintenance projects on arterial and major streets. The Council’s approval follows action taken in October to advance pavement maintenance efforts through the financing of Transportation 2050 (T2050) street program revenues. 
Transportation 2050
During this five year period, more than 600 street miles are programmed to be repaved. Residents will see nearly a 300 percent increase in the number of major-street miles that are currently paved per year.  In addition, this boost in budget also allows for more bicycle lanes to be added on city streets as the newly paved roads are restriped. This will help ensure the establishment of a well-connected citywide bicycle network and helps the city reach its T2050 program goal of 1,080 new bicycle lane miles.  Next steps for this program include identifying the highest priority streets to receive mill and overlay treatments for fiscal years 2021 through 2023. As part of this effort, a public input effort will be launched in early spring of 2019 to allow community members to share their feedback on the proposed streets for these fiscal years.  For more information about the city’s pavement preservation program, visit the link below.
Pavement Preservation Program
Which streets do you want to see included in the pavement maintenance work plans for fiscal years 2021-2023? Use our interactive street maintenance map (link below) to share your input.   
Interactive Map
Below is a form that you can download and fill out requesting Street repair. 
Comment Form
It was a great meeting with about 70 people in attendance.  We appreciate how many neighbors come out to hear what is going on and get involved in the community.