Calling for Community Party Volunteers!

The date is getting closer to our Community Party in our wonderful community! This event is an excellent opportunity for us to come together, make a positive impact, and strengthen the bonds that make our community special. To make this event a success, we are seeking enthusiastic volunteers who are willing to lend a helping hand.

Event Details:

Date: November 11, 2023
Time: 2-5 PM
Location: Mercury Mine Basin Park at Mountain View and 34th St.

Volunteer Roles:

  1. Marketing – SAVE THE DATE & Final Party Flyer. Emails, Facebook posts to the community, or individual Blockwatch members. 
  2. GAIN sign-up – Online registration for the event and participation in Pre-GAIN event day.
  3. Business Sponsors – Reaching out to the past and any new potential business sponsors.
  4. Keep track of Business Sponsors – on a spreadsheet
  5. Thank you notes – to business sponsors, and guest speakers.
  6. Food – Organize purchasing, storing, and organizing arrival at the park.
  7. Food (Party Day) – Setting up, managing, and tearing down.
  8. Games – Organize and get all items needed for the water balloon toss & three-legged race
  9. Games (Party Day) – Set them up and run them at set times.
  10. Bounce house monitor – Oversee on party day.
  11. Rentals – Call around to locate the best pricing on renting a bounce house and tent/tables/chairs
  12. Rentals (Party Day) – organize delivery and set up of tenant/tables/chairs and bounce house.
  13. Sign-in table – Install signs around the neighborhood 1 (one) week prior to the party and then pick them up.
  14. Sign-in table (Party Day) – Setting up, managing, and tearing down.
  15. Raffle – Organize and keep track of all raffle prizes and prepare raffle tickets, get prizes to the park
  16. Raffle (Party Day) – Setting up, managing, and tearing down.
  17. Delivery – Organize with the various groups picking up larger items in a trailer and delivering to the park and then returning to owners at the end.
  18. Park Organizer – Directing businesses and volunteers at the park prior to the party starting.
  19. Signs – Install signs around the neighborhood I week prior to the party and then pick them up.
  20. Balloons – Pick up helium and balloons, inflate them, and install them on neighborhood party signs.
  21. Guest Speakers – Contact possible guest speakers to participate in 2023.
  22. Reserve the Park – Complete the online application.
  23. Park clean up – Work with the City of Phoenix Parks to clean up the park before the event.
  24. Promotional items – pricing and ordering promotional items for the party.
  25. Insurance – pricing and acquiring insurance for party day.
  26. Acquiring student volunteers from SMHS clubs.

No matter your skills or availability, there’s a volunteer role that suits you.

Many of these positions require multiple people, some require only one. Some are part of the planning of the party and require attendance at party planning meetings and some are merely attendance on the party day. Your contribution will be invaluable in creating a memorable experience for all.

Why Volunteer?

  • Give back to the community that has given us so much.
  • Meet new people and forge new friendships.
  • Learn new skills and gain experience in event planning.
  • Be a part of a fun and rewarding experience.

To sign up as a volunteer, please contact:

Louisa Ward – 602.769.6699

Feel free to reach out with any questions or specific roles you’re interested in.

Let’s work together to make our Community Party a resounding success and showcase the true spirit of our community! We can’t wait to see you there.

You can read more about the Neighborhood Picnic and our call for volunteers in this month’s issue of Paradise Valley View, page 5.