APS Scam + Robbery

Robbery near 32nd Street & MalapaiNovember 27th, 2020

We were burglarized. Please be aware that tonight at 3:30 am we were burglarized. We were sleeping at the time and robbers entered through our back gate and stole expensive items in our kitchen area of our house. Our back door was unlocked and so was our gate. which was a mistake, we will not make again. We wanted to inform our neighbors so they don’t have to deal with the same loss of personal possessions they were are currently having to endure. Stay safe – your neighbor.  
APS Phone ScamOriginally Posted on Nextdoor
November 25th, 2020

Hi Neighbors! We just received a call from ‘APS’ 90 minutes ago saying that their bank server had changed (!) and that our auto-pay payments had been going to the wrong account. They need us to make a payment immediately as they were going to disconnect service in 30 minutes.

They then gave us a number to call (877 296 9893) to make that payment/give CC info. The guy at the other end, asked for my APS account number or registered phone number on the account. I so happened to have my APS bill in front of me so I gave him my APS account number. This upset him very much and he kept asking for my registered phone number on the account. Sounded so suspicious. Thankfully I had the presence of mind to get on Live Chat with an APS agent through their site while this was happening and she confirmed that the number above was not an APS number and a scammer. Please be aware — as families have large, expensive Thanksgiving dinners in their freezer/fridges and would give out CC info at this time of year in a heartbeat.

The first call we received was from the legit APS number (602 371 7171) – it’s called ‘number spoofing’ where you use a proxy number masked by an authentic number.

The other two numbers used in the scam were 929 381 6458 and 877 296 9893. Please be cautious and Happy Thanksgiving! I have reported this information to the police.
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