Check, Please! Arizona: 32 Shea!

Each week, Check, Please! Arizona features a trio of guests who dine and then review three local restaurants they recommended to each other. James Beard award-winning chef Robert McGrath hosts the half-hour program. Guest reviewers dine and then dish on 32 Shea.

32 Shea, located right on North 32nd Street and Shea, is a unique restaurant with a lot to offer! This restaurant has a convenient location, drive-thru, patio, dog-friendly, and is community-inspired! 32 Shea is a place where days feel like a bustling espresso bar/cafe, while nights feel like an intimate and cozy lounge/restaurant. It’s like two different places all in one. Every morning starts as a coffee shop, offering a variety of specialty coffee drinks- even better than your favorite coffee drink of choice from your favorite coffee shop. The menu offers not only breakfast, but also includes lunch and dinner. Each menu is created specifically to appeal for the times of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Take a look at this video from Check, Please! Arizona  to learn more about this hot spot to dine, relax, and connect with your community right around the corner!

32 Shea Located at 10626 N. 32nd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85028

For menu information, hours, and all other information about 32 Shea- please click here .