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All about Phoenix Paradise Gardens Homes

The Phoenix Paradise Gardens Subdivision built in the 1960’s covers the area from 32nd Street to 36th Street and Mountain View to Gold Dust.

Not your average subdivision; Paradise Gardens was a partnership with famous Phoenix modern architect Al Beadle.

Al Beadle not one to mince words once said “Unfortunately, most people are not aware of good design. The architect’s catch-22 is that people with taste have no money, and the people with money have no taste, so that often leaves the architect out.”

Though the partnership between Al Beadle and developer Robert Altherr and A-1 Construction didn’t last very long the modern Beadle design is carried throughout the subdivision.  The architect created homes especially suited to the desert with deep overhangs and an indoor/outdoor connection that let’s the occupants fully connect with the desert ensconced in the safety of the steel and block “shelter” . 

There are four cactus themed floor plans that maintain a clean, modern, design that Al Beadle was known for.

Here are a look at some of the drawings and homes today.

chollarendering A Cholla model from 2010 cholla



ocotillorendering An Ocotillo from 2010  Ocotillo


paloverderendering A Palo Verde from 2010 palo verde


saguarorendering The Saguaro from 2010saguaro

The original design brochure

paradisebrochureA2 paradisebrochureB2 paradiseplat

Many Paradise Gardens homes continue the mid century trend but offer modern touches.  Paradise Gardens Homes are keeping the original design but adding modern conveniences such as closed garages or extra closet spaces are common.  The trick is to keep the open design concept while still allowing for some privacy and efficiency for our modern technology.

Known as the steel and glass man, the Modern Architecture of Al Beadle reflects a purity of design that endures even today.  Phoenix Gardens remains a popular choice for architect enthusiasts, mid century modern lovers, and Phoenix families.

Read an interview with Al Beadle from Modern Phoenix Neighborhood Network Here.