32nd Street Revitalization Project


What to Watch for Week of July 5th:
• Continuing: Bell Road Installation and Greenway Road Boring
• Continuing: Pipeline Installation on 32nd Street from Thunderbird Road to Sweetwater Avenue
• Dreamy Draw/Preserve Reminders
Continuing: Bell Road Installation and Greenway Road Boring
• The intersection of 31st Street and Bell Road remains closed.
• At this intersection, Bell Road traffic is directed to the north side of Bell Road (westbound lanes), with 1 lane in each direction going east and west.
• On July 6, left turns in all directions will be prohibited, and traffic in the area will be directed to the farthest north and farthest south lanes for approximately one week.
• Bore pits have been excavated at 31st Street and Greenway. “Boring,” or drilling underground, is underway.
During this time, there is no northbound access to 31st Street from Greenway.
• Boring is expected to conclude in late July or early August.
• Business access will be maintained.
Continuing: Pipeline Installation on 32nd Street from Thunderbird Road to Sweetwater Avenue
• Pipeline installation continues at the intersection of 32nd Street and Thunderbird Road.
• Installation will proceed south toward Sweetwater Avenue.
• Traffic is directed to the west side (southbound lanes) of 32nd Street as the active construction area moves south.
Dreamy Draw/Preserve Reminders
• Dreamy Draw Recreation Area remains closed through Fall 2022 for pipeline installation and park renovations.
• Trails west of SR 51 are open.
• Trails east of paved bike path are open.
• Trail 100 is open.
During work in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve, the following strategies are being used to minimize environmental disturbance:
• Using adequate water to ensure dust opacity is zero
• Protecting open trenches with fencing and netting to prevent tortoises from entering work areas
• Protecting plants, cacti and trees in place when possible rather than moving them
• Inspecting work areas, equipment and personal vehicles before use to avoid injury to tortoises and other animals
Project Information
To speak with the team, call 602-235-2666 or visit phoenix.gov/droughtpipeline. To receive updates on this project, email waterworks@phoenix.gov to be added to the distribution list.

Restorative Yoga at Modified Movement

Louisa & Chuck Ward (pictured below) are trying something different to reduce lower back pain. Chuck’s pain is debilitating sometimes. Restorative Yoga at Modified Movement (32nd Street and Shea) has made an incredible difference, sessions are lead by the owner Ashley Sayaloune. Purposeful focus on painless stretching and strengthening. It is amazing!!!
Click to view Modified Movement’s website: https://www.modifymymovement.com/?fbclid=IwAR1HDT5ZMTA_a-iUU0YIpKBiiv352R7frSK1kceYL8zXbgU4FZB6L4BiFxQ

City of Phoenix Rental Rehab Program Launch

NSD is excited to announce the official launch of its Rental Rehabilitation program! If you own rental property in one of our targeted areas, this program can fund the following kinds of repairs:

  • Exterior facade improvements
  • Landscaping
  • Safety enhancements
  • Repairs to structural systems
  • Energy efficiency upgrades

Click here for a flyer which describes the Program features and targeted areas across the city of Phoenix. Program information is also available on our Rental Rehabilitation Program webpage. We appreciate your ongoing support and sharing of this exciting Program information.

New Starbucks coming to the NE corner of 32nd Street & Shea

Does Starbucks bring increase in property value or does it follow the increase?
Confirmed: Starbucks knows the next hot neighborhood before everybody else does. Get your coffee, and then a mortgage.What fuels gentrification? The answer is the same thing that fuels the rest of us: coffee.But not just any old cup o’ joe.Starbucks, the iconic coffee roaster and retailer, has grown Continue Reading…