32nd Street Revitalization Project

View 32 plays host for firefighters

Out with the old, in with the new. But before new View 32 homes would be built the local fire department was able to enjoy the old building.


Watt Communities gave the vacant office/retail space to Phoenix Firefighters for a unique training operation. Phoenix firefighters were able to kick, drag and drill through interiors as part of a real time emergency.

“It gave us a realistic setting with an important benefit: we could break down walls, conduct a roof attack that coordinated our Engines and Ladder companies, and complete other exercises that firefighters have to execute regularly on actual emergency calls.”- Phoenix Fire Department Battalion Chief Mark Huff

To read more about this exciting fire drill check out this article from the Paradise Valley Independent.


Final note from Councilman Gates

Final note from Councilman Gates


As Phoenix Councilman Bill Gates parted from our District 3 neighborhood to run for Maricopa County Board of Supervisors on May 31 he left behind a lasting impact of renewal in our community of North 32nd Street.



“The revitalization project of North 32nd street in District 3 has been one of my priorities as a councilman and I’m proud of the success and continued community involvement we’ve had along the North 32nd Street Corridor”- writes Councilman Gates in an OP Ed piece in the Arizona Republic June 2, 2016.

In the article Councilman Gates speaks of the visible changes that have already taken place along 32nd Street such as the community signage, road diet, and influx of business including Original Breakfast House, Karsten’s Ace Hardware, and Home Fur Good.  And as North 32nd Street continues to thrive we look forward to new businesses and housing projects.

“This revitalization effort has been a wonderful opportunity to reach new residents who now feel they can share input, complaints, concerns, and recommendations with the city.  With the level of community involvement along the North 32nd Corridor, we will enjoy continued reinvestment in the area.  We’ll know we’ve really made it when Fox Restaurant Concepts, Upward Projects, or LGO Hospitality opens a restaurant along North 32nd.”

Thank you, Councilman Gates.
It was a great honor to work with you to support our North 32nd Street Neighborhood.


Councilman Bill Gates honors Phoenix service volunteers: Allison Buffum, Marcia Veldmark, and (me) Lousia Ward.

We call this home-32nd street art installation

Local Phoenix artist, Ann Morton, was selected by the City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture to create a public art installation through community engagement that captures the vibrant community of 32nd street from Shea to Bell Road.  Ann is an emerging artist who had a long professional career as a successful graphic designer.  She has a Master of Fine Arts degree and is a practicing artist and educator.

To begin the 32nd street project she surveyed community members and an underlying theme of love, mountains and a feeling of home emerged.  Gaining inspiration through community voices she has presented the following interpretation.

Look for your opportunity to participate in the art installation coming soon.

New Business coming soon- Black Rock Bouldering Gym


Coming soon to 10436 North 32nd Street (the former home of the Ozzie Ice rink) is Black Rock Bouldering Gym.  No official opening date yet but the coming soon sign is up. Black Rock Bouldering Gym (BRBG) is like  a normal rock climbing gym, but without the ropes and harnesses.   But don’t worry there’s 2 full feet of dual-density padding to catch you so don’t worry about falling.

There are also traditional gym fares such as free weights and resistance machines, fitness area to improve flexibility, upper strength and cardio and yoga and Pilates.  Most importantly there will be focus on clean lines, clean bathrooms, and clean fitness.

So get ready 32nd street community, a new gym and a new place to meet up with the neighbors is just around the corner.



Will 32nd Street revitalize into Urban Core?

32 sign 2

New signs mark 32nd Street renewal

As our community expands, moving forward with projects like View 32 and 31 Cheryl  it’s important to keep perspective of valley-wide revitalization efforts.


What is Urban Core?
Urban Core are high density areas of employment, shops and residents. The best example of Urban Core in the valley is downtown Tempe.  Downtown Phoenix is also moving in the Urban Core direction.  One a little closer to 32nd street community is the Scottsdale Kierland/ Quarter area.  The Kierland Commons feature mid-rise homes on top of street level shops and restaurants. Urban Cores are quickly becoming the trend for infill developments, building up not out.

Why Urban Core?
They are a magnet for millennials who want to live close to work and play.  Even millennials who don’t live in Urban Core areas like to work in Urban Core areas for the walk-ability of the area near work.  Millennials aren’t the only ones trending to Urban Core.  More and more baby-boomers don’t want to drive, they want a walk-able community.  Empty-nesters looking to downsize but still be close to attractions are turning to Urban core top provide walk-able amenities.

How does it work?
In order to work an Urban Core needs to rise in an area with good demographic and socio-economic base, high transportation accessibility, and existing space for high-density residential development. The more people the more successful an Urban Core community is.

Urban Cores aren’t for everyone-
Urban Cores are a lifestyle choice. Not everyone wants to give up the space of the suburbs to move into a condo, but the trend for Urban Core is rising across the valley.

How does this relate to our own 32nd Street renascence?
Just like Urban Core most neighbors want walk-ability and bike-ability.  They don’t want to drive to restaurants and businesses, they want easy access to commerce.  32nd street will not turn into an Urban Core environment but a similar community closeness can be created when we support local business, develop meaningful projects and work together as neighbors.