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Street Toppers: Art ideas needed for Mountain Preserve sign toppers!

Congratulations to Mountain Estates Block Watch and Paradise Gardens Block Watch on their new sign toppers. Mountain Preserve Block Watch has been approved for a grant from the City of Phoenix to acquire street toppers as well.

Thank you to all of neighbors that sent in their ideas in words.  What I am really looking for is more specific ideas including a drawing or clip art of your idea.  When providing the art, please also give your thoughts on the color of the sign.  I received an overwhelming vote to make the sign a color in lieu of white so it stands out and is differentiated from the actual street signs.

These two pieces were done by an artist in our neighborhood, Marsha Lazar:

Click to Read Article about Marsha LAZAR Klinger

Here are some samples of clip art I found online…  Imagine you are driving along 32nd Street, how far away do you have to be before you realize what the art is on the sign. 

Once we have gathered some solid ideas, then we can send them for a vote.

FREE Trees from the City of Phoenix


Residents of the following Block Watch Communities are invited to join the Paradise Gardens tree planting project, it will take place on April 24th or 25th:

Mountain Preserve
Paradise Gardens
Mountain Estates
Heritage Heights

Thank you Nathan Leblang from Paradise Gardens for your efforts in organizing this great event!

If you are interested, respond to this email or reach out directly to Nathan:


If you see this vehicle, please call 911 and report it to the police.  
Do not attempt to speak or make any contact with this person.
  Re:  2021-14  OFFENSE: Threatening or Intimidating 
Date:  March 6, 2021
LOCATION: 4427 East Turquoise.    
SOURCE:  NextDoor, neighbors, block watch captains. 
MO: Verbal threats together with 9 page manifesto type letter from unidentified person.  Police were called, came and took the manifesto.  

Az Vehicle license:  BRD 0042  
VEHICLE DESCRIPTION:  Old White/Beige Toyota Tacoma pick up truck with a message on the truck that reads  “one day soon I’m going to kill you American woman.”

This is similar to the manifesto type letter that was left with this home owner and distributed to other neighbors.

Incident report #2021-358394 


We recently learned about one of the latest ways that crooks are trying to exploit our tax system to steal from taxpayers.

There’s also some specific instructions to follow in the event you are a victim of this latest scheme.

Keep an eye out for a form 1099-G in the mail that reflects unemployment benefits which you did not receive.

Identity theft con-artists are using people’s personal information to apply for UC benefits that are then being paid to the scammers themselves.

Subsequently – state governments are issuing the 1099-G form and mailing it to the address they have on file for the recipient. Thus you receive the tax form, but not the benefits.

It has been advised that if you are the unfortunate receipts of one of these false forms, that you do not attempt to reach out to the IRS. Rather, you should contact the state agency that issued the form to you to get things cleared up.

Off leash aggressive dog at Trail 100

Originally posted in Nextdoor on 2.06.2021

My husband and I just had a dog that was off leash try and attack our dog TWICE while walking at the Phoenix Mountain Preserve this afternoon. First time was a close encounter and the dog pinned our dog to the ground. My husband had to physically get the dog off of ours while the owners rode away on mountain bikes doing nothing. The 2nd time the dog ran up a hill a couple hundred feet to get to us on a totally different trail. My husband had to block the dog from getting near us. Again, owners didn’t do anything and rode away. Thankfully our dog is very submissive and did not fight back, but that isn’t always the case. It was a very disheartening situation for us and our dog that could easily have been avoided. Please keep your dogs on leash at all times
My reply: I am sorry to hear this. As the Block Watch Leader near you, this is something I have been battling. In our neighborhood street, parks and preserve, dogs are unleashed and many are unpredictable. If you can safely identify the owner and his/her address, you can call to report the violation at 602-506-7387 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week, or you can fill out a report online at If you don’t know the owner or where he or she lives, but you see that person and dog consistently in the same area, around the same time of day/night, you can report that as well and ask for an officer to patrol the area. Just a dog running loose is enough to generate a report, the first time is the most important. From there, they can track violations and behavioral issues and attempt to locate the owner. Don’t just post it on next Door, file the complaint even if you don’t see the owner or know who they are.
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